Board of Ethics

The Ethics Board consists of personalities in the field of journalism, jurisprudence and civil society known for their professional integrity who guarantee the independence of the judiciary. The Board was selected on the proposal of the members of the Alliance, the Albanian Media Council and the Department of Journalism at the University of Tirana. The five approved members are: Dorian Matlija, lawyer, Mark Marku, lecturer from the Department of Journalism and ethics expert, Klodiana Kapo from, Alice Taylor from and Lorin Kadiu from Citizens-Channel.

Klodiana Kapo

Member of Board of Ethics, Executive Director – Faktoje Center

Klodiana Kapo has joined the team of “Faktoje” in the position of Executive Director. She comes to this position after three years of experience as Public Relations and Communication Manager at the International Children’s Organization World Vision, where she was recently honored by the Global office with the “Global Brand Award”. Mrs. Kapo comes to “Faktoje” after a 16-year career in the most popular media in the country where she has reported mainly social issues and more specifically education and the education system, health, youth development, etc. In her career, Mrs. Kapo has worked as a journalist at Top Channel (where she counts dozens of documentaries and personal stories), has had her weekly column in the newspaper “Shqip”, and has worked as editor-in-chief at the Albanian Public Television.

Klodiana also counts a series of successful awareness campaigns for local and international non-governmental organizations, and is a co-author of two books.

Alice Taylor

Member of Board of Ethics, British freelance investigative journalist in Albania

Alice Taylor is a British freelance investigative journalist and writer since 2016 after spending seven years working in corporate law firms.

Currently Alice lives in Albania. She covers corruption, financial crime, human rights issues, gender equality, and media freedom in both Albania and Malta, living currently in the former and having lived for a decade in the latter.

Alice speaks and writes in English and Albanian, contributes to local and international broadcasts on the topics she covers, and gives regular talks in universities and colleges on writing, media, freedom of expression, and life as a freelance journalist in the Balkans.

Prof. Assoc. Mark Marku

Member of Board of Ethic, Well known Publicist and University Professor

Prof. Asoc Mark Marku is in charge at the Department of Journalism and Communication, Faculty of History and Philology, UT. He is the author of a large number of articles. Mark Marku was a deputy of the Albanian Parliament.

Av. Dorian Mantlija

Member of Board of Ethic, Executive Director – Respublika Center

Av. Dorian Matlija graduated with title Lawyer in 1999, at the Faculty of Law at the University of Tirana. He is currently the Executive Director of the Res Publica center where he has previously been deputy. Director. Dorian has previously served as a lawyer at the law studio “Matlija” while at the beginning of his career he has been a legal expert and Director of the Legal Department of Albanian Radio and Television (2002-2005).

Lorin Kadiu

Member of Board of Ethics, Executive Director – Citizens Channel Center

He has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Communication and has a Master of Science (MSc) in Public Relations at the University of Tirana. For years he has been engaged in a number of local and international media as a journalist, editor and trainer in innovative methods of journalism. He is currently the Executive Director of the Citizens Channel Center.