How to fill a complaint

Any interested party, individual or organization impacted by the breaches of code or misuse of the information to a news or opinion article, editorial, photo, or editorial cartoon, can file a complaint to EMA.

Even though EMA reviews all filed complaints, to act on it, a complaint must focus on a specific violation of journalistic or ethical standards. Complaints that involve legal action or breaches of legal nature are not within the scope of the EMA’s adjudications. EMA decides on absolute discretion about dealing or not to deal with a complaint.

You can send your complaint by clicking on the button “Artikull joetik?” found on the EMA’s member media pages where a form will be opened for you to fill out. The complaint form contains the media in which the violation was committed, the date of publication of the article / article / video, a brief description of the reason why you are complaining. You need to determine what you are seeking through the complaint:

• Publication of refutation by relevant media

• Deleting published material

• Correction

• Public apology

• Other (supplement)